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kirko 7 years ago
hes a quadriplegic you idiots
Fuck you Saul 7 years ago
@saul rabb. That guy is handicap you fuck tard. You're the sorry example of a lonely loser that masturbats all day and you most now think your hairy balless dick is so big. But guess what asshole, HE'S GETTING LAID!
Garbage 7 years ago
they kiss like fucking goldfish and this dudes body is in the shape of a damn corndog
@Fuck you Saul 7 years ago
Where the fuck are you living in? This planet is called "Earth". You've been dealt a bad hand, you'll end up being treated differently. Harsh life.
Chief 7 years ago
"Interracial Lover" there's a hot chick that's on her knees, with her pussy sticking out of her miniskirt and you are focused on his dick? I don't think you have any room to insult anyone's manhood.
her name 7 years ago
her name?
Look at that tiny weeny. I think she needs a tweezers to find it.
Fat fuck 7 years ago
ugly stupid guy
Saul Rabb 7 years ago
a thought just for giggles but that guy is a sorry example of manhood today. Out of shape beer gut, stupid tattoos, unshaven neck, weak tiny penis and a mental retard. No wonder he can get laid and I don't.
Mr Pickles 7 years ago
What In The Fuck?
Am I The Only Guy On Earth Not Getting Laid?